Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals are the backbone of The Association of Police Controlled Drug Liaison Officers.

Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our association as it continues to develop.


The APCDLO Chairman is Thames Valley Police Assistant Chief Constable Pete O'Doherty.







Assistant Chief Constable Pete O'Doherty.



Read on to learn more about the APCDLO committee members.


Vice Chair & Secretary

Wendy joined the police straight from school in 1990 and spent most of her early career policing the East End of London. She joined the territorial support group in 1996 and spent 6 years working on large scale public order operations and surveillance teams.


After having a family in 2000 Wendy became a school’s officer in Havering. In 2009 she joined the CDLO team and became the secretary of the APCDLO in 2013.


Her interests include walking her beloved dog, gardening and baking.


Wendy took on the additional role of Vice Chair in May 2019 following the retirement of long-standing member Bob Sparks, from Dorset Police.

Wendy McAllister


Training Coordinator

Mike Beard is one of three Controlled Drug Liaison Officers in The Greater Manchester Police and unlike other CDLO’s is funded by NHS colleagues and consequently works closely with NHS Manchester Local Area Team.


After a period in the army and a spell as a draughtsman he joined GMP in 1977 serving all but 4 years in the Criminal Investigation Department and became a civilian member of Police staff in 2006 continuing in the CLO/CDLO role that he has held since 1998.


He was heavily involved in the Shipman enquiry and subsequent public inquiry and consultation leading up to The Health Act, 2006.


He has been involved with the association since it was formed in 1998 and was a founder and the first chair and since this time has also been involved in CDLO training, initially at Wakefield and in more recent times in Manchester.


He has sat on a number of national groups over the years and currently works with CQC colleagues and other partners at the national CD group.


Mike has received two ACPO awards for his work at a national level, one being an ACPO Drugs Committee lifetime achievement award.

Mike Beard


Robin Pivett


Robin Pivett is the Controlled Drug & Chemical Liaison Drug Reduction and Prevention Officer at Suffolk Constabulary. He also manages Drug Testing on Arrest (DTOA) at the Police Investigation Centres.


Robin has been employed by Suffolk Constabulary since September 1978; for the first 31 years as an officer and since 2010 as a member of police staff; he has served in various departments within the Constabulary including Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigation and Special Branch.


His role brings him into contact with many agencies both local and national. Managing DTOA brings him into contact with local treatment services and as a result he has now been appointed the chair of the Drug Recovery Forums in Suffolk.


Robin represents the Constabulary on a number of committees and groups concerning harm reduction and substance misuse & during his career he has been presented with a number of awards including the High Sherriff’s, The Sheepshanks Trophy, Tom Waller Harm Reduction, Area, County and Safe Guarding policing awards. He is the Treasurer of the APCDLO.


John Richardson

Committee Member

I came, I saw, I conquered, retired and came back and conquered some more’......... ‘Utrinque Paratus’

Becky Beauchamp

Committee Member

Becky (BSc / MSc) started her career as a forensic scientist and for 8 years specialised in the testing of illicit substances for police forces. This is where she first encountered the wide range of controlled substances that are diverted and misused.


Becky then joined Surrey Police in 2017 in her current role, which she loves. She joined the committee in 2019 and says that the enthusiastic and experienced members of APCDLO, and the networking it encourages, helped her develop as a controlled drug liaison officer and still does to this day.


Adrian Parsons

Committee Member / I.T.

Adrian retired from Policing in October 2020 but still continues to serve with the committee.


Adrian manages the APCDLO website on behalf of the association and upon retirement set up his own training consultancy delivering drugs training to law enforcement.