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Assistant Chief Constable Tim Metcalfe.

Association Chair

Tim Metcalfe serves as the Assistant Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police, where he holds the responsibility for Counter Terrorism and Serious and Organised Crime in the South East Region.

Starting his career with West Midlands Police, Tim gained experience in both uniformed and detective roles. He undertook various positions, including Regional Senior Investigating Officer following the Southeast Asian Tsunami disaster and Senior Identification Manager for the terrorist bombing of Sharm el Sheikh. Tim has also taken the lead on several regional and national initiatives involving the development of the National Counter Terrorism Network. In 2014, he transitioned from a local policing role in Coventry to join Thames Valley Police, focusing on Neighbourhood Policing and Partnerships at the force level.

In 2015, Tim became the inaugural Chief of Staff to the Chair of the National Police Chiefs' Council before returning to Thames Valley Police to assume command of the Aylesbury Vale Local Policing Area. Subsequently, he moved on to become the Milton Keynes Commander. As a Chief Superintendent, Tim led the Resourcing and Resilience function of the force before taking on the role of Temporary Assistant Chief Constable for operations, covering the Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police areas. He was appointed to his current position in early 2022.

Tim holds a degree from London University and possesses a Master's degree in History and Politics from London, an MSc in Criminology from Leicester University, and an MBA from the University of Birmingham. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in Criminology at the University of Oxford, with a research focus on senior police leadership, governance, and legitimacy.

In March 2022, Tim took over the National CDLO Lead Officer position from Assistant Commissioner Pete O'Doherty of the City of London Police.



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Wendy McAllister

Training Coordinator / Vice Chair

Wendy embarked on her career in the police force immediately after finishing school in 1990. She dedicated much of her early years to policing the vibrant East End of London. In 1996, she joined the territorial support group, where she honed her skills for six years while participating in large-scale public order operations and surveillance teams.

In 2000, Wendy started a family and subsequently took on the role of a school's officer in Havering. It was in 2009 that she joined the CDLO team, and in 2013, she assumed the position of secretary within the APCDLO.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Wendy finds joy in activities such as walking her cherished dog, gardening, and baking.

In May 2019, Wendy took on the additional responsibility of Vice Chair, succeeding the retiring long-standing member Bob Sparks from Dorset Police.


Although Wendy retired from active policing in March 2022, she remains committed to her role within the committee and now works as a private Controlled Drugs Consultant.

Together with Adrian, Wendy spearheads the national CDLO course, having assumed this responsibility from GMP (Greater Manchester Police).


Mike Beard

Committee Member

Mike Beard serves as one of the three Controlled Drug Liaison Officers (CDLOs) within The Greater Manchester Police. Unlike other CDLOs, his position is funded by NHS colleagues, fostering a close working relationship with the NHS Manchester Local Area Team.

Prior to joining GMP in 1977, Mike had a background in the army and worked as a draughtsman. Throughout his career at GMP, he spent the majority of his time in the Criminal Investigation Department, with only a brief four-year hiatus. In 2006, he transitioned into a civilian member of the Police staff while continuing his role as a CLO/CDLO, which he has held since 1998.

Mike played a significant role in the Shipman enquiry and subsequent public inquiry, contributing to the consultation process leading up to the enactment of The Health Act 2006.

Having been involved with the association since its inception in 1998, Mike played a pivotal role as a founder and the first chairperson. Over the years, he has also been actively involved in CDLO training, initially in Wakefield and more recently in Manchester.

Throughout his career, Mike has participated in various national groups, and he currently collaborates with colleagues from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and other partners within the national CD group.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions at a national level, Mike has received two ACPO awards, including an ACPO Drugs Committee lifetime achievement award.


Robin Pivett


Robin Pivett serves as the Controlled Drug & Chemical Liaison Drug Reduction and Prevention Officer at Suffolk Constabulary. Additionally, he oversees the management of Drug Testing on Arrest (DTOA) at the Police Investigation Centres.

Robin has been a part of Suffolk Constabulary since September 1978. For the initial 31 years, he served as an officer before transitioning to a police staff member in 2010. Throughout his tenure, he has worked in various departments within the Constabulary, including Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigation, and Special Branch.

In his current role, Robin collaborates with numerous local and national agencies. Managing DTOA brings him into contact with local treatment services, leading to his appointment as the chair of the Drug Recovery Forums in Suffolk.

Robin represents the Constabulary on several committees and groups focused on harm reduction, substance misuse, and related matters. Over the course of his career, he has been recognized with various awards, including the High Sherriff's Award, The Sheepshanks Trophy, Tom Waller Harm Reduction Award, as well as Area, County, and Safeguarding policing awards. Furthermore, he holds the position of Treasurer within the APCDLO.


John Richardson

Committee Member

I came, I saw, I conquered, retired and came back and conquered some more’......... ‘Utrinque Paratus’


Becky Beauchamp


Becky, holding both a BSc and MSc, embarked on her professional journey as a forensic scientist, specializing in testing illicit substances for various police forces over a span of eight years. It was during this time that she became familiar with the extensive array of controlled substances that are diverted and misused.

In 2017, Becky transitioned to her current role within Surrey Police, a position she thoroughly enjoys. In 2019, she became a member of the committee, which has proven instrumental in her growth as a controlled drug liaison officer.


Becky attributes her development to the presence of enthusiastic and experienced members within the APCDLO, as well as the networking opportunities the association fosters. Even to this day, she continues to benefit from these valuable resources.


Adrian Parsons

Training Coordinator / I.T.

Adrian concluded his active policing career in October 2020, but his dedication to service persists as he remains involved with the committee.

Within the association, Adrian takes charge of managing the APCDLO website. Following his retirement, he established his own training consultancy, where he provides Drugs & Court Skills training to law enforcement agencies and their partners.

Collaborating with Wendy, Adrian assumes the responsibility of delivering the national CDLO course, taking over from GMP (Greater Manchester Police). Together, they ensure the continuation of this important training initiative.

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Wayne Bloomfield

Committee Member

Wayne has served as a police officer since 2005, fulfilling various roles both in uniform and undercover capacities. In 2020, he assumed the position of Controlled Drugs Liaison Officer for Essex Police. Later that year, he also took on the role of a Drug Expert Witness.

Expressing his gratitude, Wayne highlights the immense benefits he has gained from being a part of the CDLO network. The opportunity to acquire knowledge and tap into the expertise of individuals within the APCDLO community has proven invaluable to him.

To unwind from work, Wayne finds solace in his family, football, and camping activities, which provide him with a much-needed respite.

SR Image.png

Sharon Roscoe

Committee Member

Sharon embarked on her career with Leicestershire Police in 1999, initially serving as a response officer. After gaining valuable experience, she transitioned to the proactive team, where she honed her skills.

Subsequently, Sharon delved into the realms of intelligence gathering and undercover policing within the Intelligence hub.

Following a force-wide reorganization, Sharon moved to a rural station, assuming the role of a beat officer. She dedicated herself to this position until February 2021 when she embraced the role of CDLO (Controlled Drug Liaison Officer). Expressing her core belief in partnership working, Sharon emphasizes the significance of collaboration and information sharing to safeguard the most vulnerable members of their communities.

As the CDLO for Leicestershire Police, Sharon shoulders the responsibility of serving a diverse community, encompassing both urban and vast rural areas. She is committed to assisting various professionals, including those in pharmacies, hospitals, dentists' offices, care homes, and veterinary practices—anyone entrusted with the professional utilization of Controlled Drugs.

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Gary Tupling

Committee Member

Awaiting Bio

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Stephen Miles

Committee Member

Steve completed his studies at Manchester University in 1995 and made the decision to join the West Midlands Police force in 2000. He initially served on response and proactive squads, gaining valuable experience. Afterward, he spent seven years as part of a local neighborhood team, collaborating with partner agencies to address issues of anti-social behavior and support vulnerable families and individuals. Later, he transitioned to the Force CID.

In 2018, Steve embarked on his CDLO journey, a role that proved to be transformative for his career. He found the realm of controlled drugs and the medical field fascinating. The guidance and support he received from the committee were crucial in navigating this new role, providing advice and direction. Steve emphasizes that every day in this field is a learning experience.

Steve leads a busy family life, caring for two teenagers. In his leisure time, he enjoys indulging in weekend beers, engaging in walking football, following various sports, and immersing himself in music.

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Committee Member

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