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APCDLO Committee

Assistant Chief Constable Tim Metcalfe.

Association Chair

Tim Metcalfe is the Assistant Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police, overseeing Counter Terrorism and Serious and Organised Crime in the Southeast Region. He has a diverse background, including experience with West Midlands Police, leadership roles in various initiatives, and academic achievements, including an ongoing doctorate in Criminology at the University of Oxford. In March 2022, he assumed the National CDLO Lead Officer position.

Wendy McAllister

Vice Chair / Training Coordinator

Wendy began her police career in 1990, serving in London's East End. She then joined the territorial support group, gaining experience in public order operations and surveillance. Wendy transitioned to a school's officer role in 2000 and later joined the CDLO team in 2009. She became the APCDLO's secretary in 2013. Besides work, she enjoys walking her dog, gardening, and baking.

In May 2019, Wendy became Vice Chair. Though she retired from active policing in March 2022, she continues as a private Controlled Drugs Consultant. Wendy and Adrian now lead the national CDLO course, taking over from GMP (Greater Manchester Police).


Robin Pivett


Robin is the Controlled Drug & Chemical Liaison Drug Reduction and Prevention Officer at Suffolk Constabulary. He has been with the Constabulary since 1978, initially as an officer for 31 years and then as police staff since 2010. Throughout his career, he has worked in various departments, including Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigation, and Special Branch.


In his current role, Robin collaborates with local and national agencies, managing Drug Testing on Arrest (DTOA) and chairing the Drug Recovery Forums in Suffolk. He represents the Constabulary on harm reduction committees and has received multiple awards during his career. Additionally, he serves as the Treasurer within the APCDLO.

Mike Beard

Committee Member

Mike is one of the three Controlled Drug Liaison Officers (CDLOs) at Greater Manchester Police. Unlike others, his position is funded by NHS colleagues, promoting a close partnership with NHS Manchester Local Area Team.


Before joining GMP in 1977, Mike had a background in the army and worked as a draughtsman. He spent most of his career in CID and transitioned to a civilian police staff member in 2006 while continuing his role as a CLO/CDLO since 1998.


Mike played a significant role in the Shipman inquiry and was a founder and the first chairperson of the association, actively involved in CDLO training and national groups. He has received two ACPO awards, including a lifetime achievement award from the ACPO Drugs Committee, for his exceptional contributions at the national level as well as a recent Lifetime Achievement award from the APCDLO in recognition of many years' dedication and service.


Adrian Parsons

Training Coordinator & I.T / Web Support

Adrian retired from active policing in October 2020 and continues to serve through committee involvement. He manages the APCDLO website and runs a training consultancy providing Drugs & Court Skills training to law enforcement agencies.

Alongside Wendy, he leads the national CDLO course, having taken it over from Greater Manchester Police in 2022.

More recently, November 2023, Adrian joined North Wales Police as a CDLO to work alongside John Richardson.


Becky Beauchamp

Association Secretary

Holding both a BSc and MSc, Becky started her career as a forensic scientist, specialising in testing illicit substances for police forces for over eight years. In 2017, she joined Surrey Police and became a committee member of the APCDLO in 2019, whilst continuing to grow as an active controlled drug liaison officer.


She credits her own development to the APCDLO's enthusiastic members, experienced mentors, and networking opportunities.


Sharon Roscoe

Committee Member

Sharon joined Leicestershire Police in 1999 as a response officer, then moved to the proactive team. She later worked in intelligence gathering and undercover policing. After a reorganization, she became a rural beat officer until February 2021 when she became a CDLO.


Sharon believes in partnership working and emphasizes collaboration and information sharing to protect vulnerable community members. As Leicestershire Police's CDLO, she serves a diverse community and supports many professionals with their handling and management of Controlled Drugs within their daily business.

Wayne Bloomfield

Committee Member

Wayne, a police officer since 2005, held various roles before becoming a Controlled Drugs Liaison Officer for Essex Police in 2020. He also serves as a Drug Expert Witness.


Expressing his gratitude, Wayne often highlights the immense benefits he has personally gained from being an active member of both the CDLO network and its association committee. In his leisure time, he enjoys family, football, and camping for relaxation.

Richard List QPM

Committee Member

Richard retired as a Detective Chief Superintendent after 30 years' service with Thames Valley Police.

During this time, he served as a Gold Commander, local police commander for Aylesbury Vale, Senior Investigating Officer, PIP4 and spent a significant period as an acting ACC. He led the Forces response to covert policing, serious organised crime and intelligence gathering. He was awarded a Queens Police Medal in Her Late Majesties 2021 Birthday Honours List.


Richard has been the TVP CDLO since November 2022. He is an Honorary Senior Fellow at Buckingham University, Associate Lecturer at New Bucks University, Parish Councillor, Ambassador for the Different Strokes charity, football referee and cricket umpire.

Richard List.jpg

Steve Miles

Committee Member

Steve, a Manchester University graduate from 1995, joined West Midlands Police in 2000. He gained experience in response and proactive squads before spending seven years on a local neighborhood team.

In 2018, he transitioned to Force CID and embarked on a transformative CDLO journey with the support of the committee. Outside work, Steve enjoys family life, weekend beers, walking football, sports, and music.

Gary Tupling

Committee Member

Awaiting Bio

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